Awaken the financial freedom potential in you by leveraging on mutual empowerment rewards.

Using mutual cooperative membership financing to support members improve their social-economic welfare.

We are committed to improving the social economic welfare of members.

About Us

Global Empowerment initiative (GEI) is an initiative that is focused on using the power of cooperative membership financing, with a long term benefit to be among the equity master-node shareholders of BMCT blockchain.

Innovative start-up investment

We are interested in smart innovative business ideas in which we invest to take part ownership of the business equity.

Export trade partnership

we look for viable Export products partnership for a long term business relationship that exports coal and cash crop.


E-commerce opportunities are massive, through shopping and bill payment GEI partners and collaborate with eCommerce providers.

Become A Member

• Sign up & activate your membership.
• Choose a membership package.
• Make your trust commitment within 60 days.
• Receive GEI funds after 90-150 days.
• GEI funds credited to your BMCToken MasterCard.

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GEI Affiliate

GEI members Enjoy Affiliate Incentive in:
• Cash bonus.
• BMCT coin SWAP for Masternode blockchain equity.
• GEI Products bonus ( Sisibox).
• Brand New Automobile bonus.

GEI Road Map

Our journey ahead towards achieving our goal and core values


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Date: April-June 2020

Pre-Launch Pioneer (Dubai Retreat Promotion)

Location: Dubai

April-June 2020

Official Launch of GEI & BMCToken MasterCard

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Date: July 2020

Dubai Retreat

Location: Dubai

Date: August - September 2020

GEI National Empowerment Conferences.

Location: Lagos, Abuja, Enugu Anambra, Ibadan, Calabar.

Date: October - December 2020

Launch of BMCtoken Gift Card

Location: NIL

Date: October 2020.

Launch of Laundry Mart for members (Powered by BMCT, BMT, MGT)

Date: February 2021

Mob-Games Launch

Location: NIL

Date: January 2021.

Launch of Beep City Project

Location: NIL

Date: June 2021

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