Beep Agro & Sisibox Stockist

Beep Agro & Sisibox Stockist

Take advantage of GEI stockist opportunity to serve our members and customers. We offer a LIfetime Return on Investment as our Stockist ( Pick up location)

Stockist Category :
- 1. Basic stockist N 100,000 5% ( ROI)
- 2. Elite Stockist N 500,000 7% ( ROI)
- 3. Super stockist N 1,000,000 10% (ROI)
- 4. International Stockist N 3,000,000 11% ( ROI)
5% stockist referral commission.
-5. Stockist Plus - 7% ROI ( Beepmagnet Private placement benefit, Stockist benefit, 5 Level Affiliate cash Bonus and 3 level Car Bonus )
-6. Double plus Stockist - 7% ROI ( BeepMagnet Private Placement benefit, Stockist benefit, GEI basic daily revenue Reward, 5 levels Affiliate cash Bonus and 3 levels Car bonus )

How it works

- Register as a stockist on GEI portal.
- Subscribe to any stockist category of choice.
- Your location will be made public to GEI members and customers.
- Members and customers make their orders on GEI e-commerce portal and pick up the products from any GEI stockist center.
- Your ROI is credited into GEI cash wallet account monthly.
- You can speed up product collection from your center by promoting your GEI affiliate link to new customers who want Beep Agro / sisibox products.
- Use your GEI Affiliate link to refer other stockists and get paid 5% commission.

Beep Agro Products

Enjoy Niaja Africa soup in 15 Mins with BeepAgro soup Variants.

- Are You a bachelor that does not have time?
- Do you have friends and family aboard who need Naija soup?
- Are you a working class Mother?
- Are you a student?
Lets handle Your Naija Africa soup worries in 15 minutes with a shelf life of 12 months, Nafadac and FDA approved .

Jellof Rice with Chicken

Egusi Soup with Assorted Meat

Banga Soup & ingredients

Ogbono Soup

Bitterleaf Soup

Gbegiru Ewedu& Stew

Order Product

BeepAgro Combo package : N 10,000 : This Package affords you to select 5 soup variants :

- Egusi
- Bitter Leaf
- Ogbono
- Banga
- Gbegiri Ewedu and stew.

BeepAgro Mini Package:N 5000 :This package affords you to select 3 soup variants.

- Egusi
- Bitter Leaf
- Ogbono
- Banga
- Gbegiri Ewedu and stew.

Sisibox Products

We offer the BEST sanitary anion napkins

SisiBox is an anion lady sanitary napkin product keen on redefining menstrual periods. We have carefully carried out research bordering on period worries and have developed our product based on this. Every SisiBox napkin contains anions which help to fight bacteria and boost well-being while a woman goes through that time of the month.
We are more than just a sanitary product. SisiBox is dedicated to building a strong network of women who can “earn through their flow” via our cash back and profit share system.

Order Product

- Sisibox regular single: N1000
- Sisibox combo single: N3000
- Sisibox regular Bale ( 16 packs): N12,000
- Sisibox Combo Cartoon ( 10 packs): N 21,000

How to order Product

- Register with any of GEI Affiliate partners Link
- Login and click on support package
- Scroll to any of the Packages above and click the subscribe button
- Pay through: Bank transfer, Card, BTC
- Visit any GEI stockist center to collect your product with your product Withdrawal code.
- Earn Cash and BMCT commision as a subscriber and as a Referral


Note: ROI is based on products collected from your stockist center. Powered by : GEI ( BeepPay system and technology)