GEI eShop Agency Smart Contract

GEI eShop Smart Contract

Have You Heard About GEI eShop Agency SMART Contract?

GEI eShop Agency SMART Contract is a service of Buying and selling Digital eShop space for a eRental Income of 10 to 30 Days on GEI Platform.
GEI eShop Agency SMART contract affords You an Opportunity to ;
-BUY eShop Agency SMART contract, That comes with 10 sub agency SMART contracts.
-GEI Sells 5 sub- Agency eShop SMART contracts within 10 to 30 days .
-You Get paid e-Rental income on the sub agency eShop SMART Contract for 10 to 30days.
-Enjoy sub-agency eShop SMART Contract Resellers right Incentive to others for 12months.

GEI 3 Categories of e-shop Agency Contracts.


-E-Kosik Agency SMART contract sells for N 100,000 with a 30 days e-Rent Income.
-E-supermarket Agency SMART contract sells for N 500,000 with 20 days e-Rent Income.
-E-Mall Agency SMART contract sells for N 1,000,000 with a 10days e-Rent income.

GEI e-Shop Agency Smart Contract Covers:

-1-year Resellers right Incentive.
- An e-shop Marketplace for your business promotion.
-Product bonus.
-BMCT Bonus
-1-year eShop Maintenance Fee.

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Buy, own and Resell GEI e-shop Agency Contract. The new way of digital e-commerce wealth creation. With GEI … we win Together.

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