Global Empowerment Initiative ( GEI)

Frequently Asked Questions

GEI platform is a Multi-Integrated portal that supports:  Products, Services, packages,  SWAP of BMCT, and Programs Powered By BeepMagnet Group.  GEI platform offers all registered members an affiliate Referral link to build a digital e-commerce Business
These are daily revenue share programs ,  these packages pay daily to withdraw a minimum of N 10,000 from Your MN daily wallet Account. GEI Plus packages is a special revenue share program for Our community members to help promote and get more customers to the platform. The task for all subscribers of Revenue share plus package is to post evidence of their earning across all social media with their affiliate Link to achieve at least 5 customers who subscribe with the same package or above .
From the day you activate the account your daily revenue is paid into your MN daily wallet which is withdrawable , minimum of N 10,000 which amounts to 40% of the Total revenue share empowerment you are entitled to . The balance 60% is credited into your  GEI empowerment wallet which will be unlocked after the period which could be ( 90 /150 days). The algorithm checks if you have fulfilled the only condition to sponsor just 5 customers into GEI .
The GEI empowerment wallet will not be unlocked , whenever you meet the requirement it will be unlocked with a sub charge of 20% of the wallet balance.  
Yes, As you build your organization you earn in 4 ways , for each subscriber that activates a GEI plus package You get a bonus in Your product wallet, BMtoken/masternode  wallet, cash wallet and also car bonus wallet . 
Leadership rank is associated with GEI revenue share program , which is linked to the Pearl /pearl plus packages . You need a minimum of 20 direct pearls plus subscribers to be an elite star 1 , 30 direct pearls to be elite star 2 and 40 pearls to be elite star 3. This opens a new cash bonus reward as documented in the business presentation slide.
A beepagro business consultant is a GEI member that activated a BeepAgro combo package , which represents a welcome into the GEI business opportunity , with focus on Beepagro products and service . The cost of activation is N 10,000 which gives you an opportunity to earn BMToken and collect 2 packs of our soup mix from any of our STockist centers nationwide. 
The role and responsibility of beepagro consultant is to promote beepagro products and services such as the Beepagro quick naija soup mix , BeepNoni extract drink etc. also use his or her Affiliate links to sponsor as many other beepAgro Consultant on the GEI portal. A BeepAgro consultant is an Affiliate , who gets paid  as those he has referred with his link order product on GEI , he gets commission up to the 5 level.  Beepagro consultants also focus on sponsoring stockists who will be a pick up location for the products of BEEPAGRO. 
You can reorder Beepagro soup mix from the portal and pick it up from a stockist center? 
You need to do a withdrawal from your product wallet , and present the code to the stockist , upon confirmation that the code is valid the stockist will release the product to you .
Beepmagent private placement offer is a 500 slot offering to GEI members to be part of the shareholders in the beepmagnet group. Subscription to the slot will offer you the following  Get BMToken at half the current market price
2. Share from GEI default pool of 20%
3. Become part of our game company called mobgames International  which is 10% equity right, shared among the 500 slot subscribers. 
The GEI stockist plus package offers subscribers the opportunity to get 1 slot of beepmaget private placement and also the Stockist slot position, with an affiliate commission on sponsorship from level 1 to level 5.
We have 4 stockist classes, a. Basic stockist  b. Elite Stockist c. super stockist d. International stockist. 
Login into you GEI back office , click on the support package and select any of the above stockists of choice and subscribe.
Our stockists enjoy a lifetime ROI , between 5% to 10% which is paid on products collected from your stockist location. Should a stockist sell to non GEI subscribers he will not receive any ROI .
GEI management will always provide a price list that MUST be strictly applied to the product linked to the withdrawal code . GEI members will always see approved product prices to match their withdrawal code. 
This is a contract that supports buying and selling of digital shops, it also offers rental income for 10 to 30 days . Each subscribe Agency contact comes with 10 sub agency contacts, GEI will guarantee sales of 5 sub agency contracts within 10 to 30 days . This contract offers memebraccess to a market place for 1 year to advertise their business and refer others to subscribe for the service .
We have a Sisibox Business consultant package known as Sisibox regular or Sisibox Combo , which offers you 16 packs of sisibox  small or 10 packs of Combo and a crypto currency for subscribing.
 The power of GEi is the Affiliate potential and the sales tracking feature of the platform across all those who register with your affiliate link. whenever they make any purchase you get paid. 
 GEI is not MLM is an affiliate ecommerce portal that is multi integrate.