About Us

Global Empowerment Initiative ( GEI)

About Us

Global Empowerment initiative (GEI) is an initiative that is focused on using the power of cooperative membership financing, with a long term benefit to be among the equity master-node shareholders of BMCT blockchain. the goal of GEI is to support members in scaling up their social-economic warfare for business empowerment, education empowerment, and health empowerment.


GEI has combined blockchain technology and its membership subscription to Empower her members to achieve a secure, scalable social-economic warfare that comes from:
Real estate investment.
Blockchain /cryptocurrency investment and trading.
Innovative Start-up investment.
Export trade partnership & E-commerce

Real Estate Investment

Members will be able to have fractional ownership and discounted price value for the GEI real estate project ( Beep city) which will accept( BMCT& BMT) as a medium of ownership right.

Blockchain Investment

Blockchain /cryptocurrency investment and trading: We are on the lookout for blockchain assets that have short, medium and long term opportunities to invest and make returns which we spread across our membership network in digital and cash rebate across our e-commerce business.

Export trade partnership

We look for viable Export products partnership for a long term business relationship that exports; coal, cash crop, African vegetable, and special seeds.

BMCT Masternode Equity

GEI membership opens a rare opportunity for members to Earn BMCT coins which SWAPs for Masternode Equity shares, positioning GEI members to be the market makers of BMCT coins.
This swap is a smart contract for 100 years, which will keep rewarding members with BMCT coins Weekly directly into their BMCT wallet. Earned BMCT coins Can be swapped to BMToken (BMT).

50 BMCToken = 0.1% Masternode equity share.

GEI Affiliate

GEI members Enjoy Affiliate Incentive in:
• Cash bonus.
• BMCT coin SWAP for Masternode blockchain equity.
• GEI Products bonus ( Sisibox).
• Brand New Automobile bonus.